4E Dungeons & Dragons – Winterhaven

For anyone that is a keen D&D player, you may well be familiar with the module H1 Keep on the Shadowfell, and the town of Winterhaven.  I decided it needed a touch ‘ThrooDoo’ (VooDoo for 3D).

I built it up based on the text write up in the module so its pretty much as it should be.  I posted it on the Wizards website a few years back, and even Chris Perkins (the Wizards.com Creative Director thought it was cool);


Download the SketchUp model here; http://www.glynnseal.pwp.blueyonder/blog/Winterhaven%20v1.0.skp


7 thoughts on “4E Dungeons & Dragons – Winterhaven

    • Thanks Len :-D.
      Try having a play with Trimble SketchUp (PC, Mac or Linux I think). It’s free, easy for a 3D program, and very powerful. Built in help tutorials, and you can use YouTube to learn the other stuff.
      You could build your own quite easily, by building a couple of different houses and just reusing them in the model to populate the town, just orient each one differently.

      • Did I hear “free”? I sure will check it out. I really like how clean it looks. You have a nice site here, I enjoyed it.

      • Oh yes… totally free (for the non-Pro version). There are Style settings, so you can make the model look exactly how you want.. hand draw, chalk drawn, marker pens, technical drawing, etc.
        Thanks for the compliment 😀

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