Egg Weirdness – you must be yolking!

I’ve just had my breakfast… I know, I know its 10:30am. Well, it is Saturday you know.

I had a longing for eggs on toast so I got the eggs out of the fridge, and thought one of the eggs looked a bit odd as it was quite a bit bigger than the rest of the eggs.   I took a photo to show my girlfriend later, as the first thing that sprung to mind was, “I bet that hurt!”.

Eggs (1)Eggs (2)

Anyway, I decided to actually cook it, and when I cracked it open… it had two yolks.  I was quite eggcited, almost eggstatic.  (Ed; Sorry folks, had to).

Eggs (3)Eggs (4)

In my 40 years I have never, ever seen a two yolk egg, and for the record it was delicious! 😉

*Note* In the picture of the frying pan, notice the olive oil under the egg spitting (lower left)!  Good timing/capture.


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