Monkey God and Monkey Blood

Monkeys are great, and if Darwin is right, so were my great, great, great, great……… grandparents.

I did a quick search on Google for ‘Monkey God’.

  • Not only is he a divine entity in Hinduism – Hanuman.
  • He is a character in a Chinese epic novel – Sun Wukong
  • Also a major deity in the classic Mayan civilisation – Howler Monkey Gods.

Also ‘Monkeyblood’ turns out to also be a chemical substance called Merbromin, which is used as an anti-septic, and contains mercury and is no longer sold here in the UK.

Anyway, forget all that for the moment, you know who The Monkey God is, and what Monkey Blood is, as it tells you in the About page 😉


Statue at Whipsnade



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