Greater Fyr

My work in progress monster, called a Greater Fyr

Greater Fyr v0.1

Monkey God fought one of these once, but it was a close run thing…


2 thoughts on “Greater Fyr

  1. Our Blood Monkey will be appearing in the story I am writing for Legends Undying starting Thursday. He will basically have an army of monkeys, and rule a section of the forest. The elves stay away from his domain. Should be interesting. Thanks again for the inspiration.
    What environment does the greater fyr reside in? Looks like an underground creature to me. Very well done.

    • Cool, looking forward to reading it, send me a link when done if its not on your blog ;-)… I wonder what the Elves refer to him as? Gormoth, the Great Primate maybe lol 🙂

      I was thinking that the Greater Fyr would reside in a swamp environment, which could be in the more dense parts of thick forested areas or jungle. It’s body is snake like, but I was thinking of some additional tentacles for being able to grab and hold things (like meals). I see it more like an large Anaconda, but probably twice as big. Once I have drawn the head part, I may get onto the coiled body… 😉

      Incidentally, the Lesser Fyr, is a much smaller Python-sized variant without the central head horn (which I might change on the Greater Fyr anyway).

      Good stuff, laters.

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