Inn of the Last Hope

This was possibly the most atmospheric RPG session I had (years and years ago), where I GM’d Gary Gygax’s Dangerous Journeys RPG.  I had my party head-hunted by the priest of a large town to deliver a small package to a friend of his in an outlying border, where his friend ran an Inn.

They arrived at nightfall, and the Inn was silent and dark.  I ran it like a macabre horror.

The package was a holy symbol, the innkeeper had requested it because he thought his Inn had become possessed… in reality a demon lived in the bottom of the well, and came out at night… it was classic.

Inn of the Last Hope

4 thoughts on “Inn of the Last Hope

  1. Haha, brilliant! Also, the artwork is beautiful 🙂
    We had a really atmospheric game recently where we were all sneaks and became separated. Literally the most tense game I’ve ever played!
    By the way, I recently set up a shop/blog selling cartoony D&D designs on shirts and stuff, and thought you might like to take a look as it is related to your blog. hope you like it! 🙂

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