‘Large Delivery’ complete

Finished… 😉

Heavy Carrier Transport v1.1


2 thoughts on “‘Large Delivery’ complete

  1. Cheers Len. It came out good but not spectacular like I wanted…

    Technically there are some good things in it like light source, shadows, illumination, light reflection, etc but I am struggling with my ‘style’ at the moment as its very ‘comic/graphic novel’-esque which isn’t so bad I guess, but I really want to colour in a ‘concept sketch’ style so I guess I need to look it up and watch YouTube until I can see the basics.

    I may make some v1.1 changes to it like adding textures to the bland, flat sides, I’ll see.

    I also think I’m going to do some map work by taking a map and drawing it from an oblique angle, then colour it…

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