Daily Doodles

I’ve  been playing about with ArtRage and my Wacom again tonight, and here are a couple of doodles…

The Bruiser


Jet Pack or Dr01D_2



6 thoughts on “Daily Doodles

    • Hee hee, thanks. I’ve never been great at drawing humanoid forms… Always something that doesn’t make it look right, having said that I did get the skin tone okay… Hence I admire your skill 🙂

      • Yeah, but I am crazy jealous of the cities you made on sketch up. I tried it and couldn’t figure it out.

      • I guess everyone is good at their own things. I just don’t like being average at things I enjoy doing lol 😉 I want to be good at everything – no pressure rofl.

      • I used to joke that my Greek name was Mediocrites. I can do a lot of things, but excell at none. Haha

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