I love monkeys, they are cool.  I do not condone the spilling of their blood…  If I had a pet monkey, I would call it a human name, like “Keith” or “Roger”.


“I slept soundly, almost too soundly.  The dream came into focus slowly at first, then there was green, then noise, leaves, rustling, animal calls… then it snapped in!

I was in the deepness of a jungle, amongst a crowd of many primates – there were chimps, baboons, gorillas, gibbons, marmosets, amongst others.  As I looked around, it seemed that they were all focused ahead, some were jumping up and down on the spot – arms flailing, others stood with maws agape, filled with teeth and making shrill, haunting calls.

I looked to see what had drawn their attention, and there he was…

A spider monkey of almost mythical proportions, sitting on a huge throne hewn from the trunk of a mighty tree.  His left eye squinted, a remnant of a previous fight to dominate others, there sat The Monkey God!

The Monkey God

The Monkey God

He raised his slender arm out level with it’s palm down and the cacophonous clamour died down to wait expectantly for his judgement.  His outstretched hand curled to a downturned fist, and his spear-like index finger pointed outwards as he waved his arm to and fro across the silent crowd.

“You!” grunted the Monkey God, as his finger pointed straight towards me.  All the other monkeys stared, the hairs stood on the back of my neck and my heart began to beat with the force of a hammer blow.

“Blood, blood, and more blood for the Monkey God!” he growled.  The gathered throng went mad and writhing monkey hands grabbed and pulled at me from all directions.  As I was hoisted aloft by the maniacal followers of this twisted abomination, my vision began to blur…

I awoke, and now I must have blood.  Blood for the Monkey God!”


I don’t really want any blood at all.  What the Monkey God is after is the musings of my brain in electronic format… something he calls “Blood”, and as I am just a “Monkey”, its seemed appropriate to honour his request with my blog title.


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