The ‘wet’ season is upon me…

Well, its been a pretty cold and crap winter here in the UK, and now its March it hasn’t got much warmer, although we did have a 12 degrees the other day, unfortunately I was at work and unable to indulge my warm weather passion – Jetskiing.

I have a Yamaha Jet Bike, and when the weather warms up, I spend most Saturdays down at the lake getting wet or mildly injured, or wasting money on fuel or all of the above.  That said, I love it.


So, bring on the sun, and bring on the wet suit… here I come…

yamaha fxhoc

My precious….

SANY0034 wake surfing.MP4_snapshot_00.52_[2010.11.02_00.33.17]

I can actually wakesurf, assuming the board is as big as a boat


Is it a ninja? Nope, its me in the rain


Lovely rear view at 50mph


Me wakeskating… just before I face-planted


Me loving it…