Two Scoops

Oh well, my monster never made it into Two Scoops despite being shortlisted.

Great idea, and really enjoyed being part of the idea, but it just didn’t work out.  I am not 100% convinced about the CGI for the monster, as it seemed a bit lame, especially compared to the weapon CGI, which I thought looked really good.  Oh well, it is not my place to reason why these things are what they are, but it would have sure been great if the ‘Greater Fyr’ would have made those clips 😉


Gratz to tall the winners and runners up, on a great competition.

Greater Fyr v1.0




Arma 3 or Arma III

Now I like playing games on my PC when I am bored (although I can always find a myriad of other things to do anyway).  About 10 years ago, I used to love playing a game called Operation Flashpoint, which was for all intents and purposes a military simulator, but the magic part was that it featured an mission editor so you could play about with helicopters and spawning enemy forces, etc.  I had hours of fun with it.

I recently read about a game called Arma 3 (despite there are actually being an original Arma, and an Arma II), also made by Bohemia Interactive… my curiosity was piqued.

The game is currently in Alpha development, but is available on Steam for a nominal sum.  I have played it, and have to say its absolutely brilliant, enormous fun already, and can’t wait for the Beta… I’ve been calling in artillery strikes from the comfort of my helicopter on hapless OPFOR troops… lol.  The game map/terrain is based on the Greek island of Limnos I believe, and a couple of game developers were arrested on the island taking photos for the game, although I understand that the Greek’s thought they were spying… eeek.

Here are some screenshots for your delectation…

2013-03-25 19.46.04 2013-03-25 19.47.37 2013-03-25 19.56.37 2013-03-26 23.48.22 2013-03-26 23.48.54 2013-03-26 23.50.34 2013-03-26 23.50.51

Character Names…

What have been your best and most favoured character names (any genre)?  I’m talking about ones you have created (rather than hijacked from films/novels lol);

Mine are;

  • Kallis, Jyenna and Kyessa DeBastion (the DeBastion Sisters) – female human cleric, fighter and fighter/thief.
  • Kildrellan – male human armoured fighter
  • Adliandantus – male elf wizard

I’ll add more, when I am not rushing to leave the house lol 🙂

Google Image Search

I think Google Image Search is the best thing ever… so useful.  Here’s is just how useful it really is;

Search term =