WIP ‘Large Delivery’ Update 1

Done a bit more work on this tonight, playing with the thruster jets, and some rear section shading as well as rough background…



WIP ‘Large Delivery’

I’m currently planning on drawing/colouring a spacecraft, so just to make sure I got all the proportions correct, I have created the 3D shape and scene in SketchUp first.  I’m then using this image as a trace for the outline, and then I can add all the glitz to it…

Sketchup Model and Scene…

Heavy Carrier_1

ArtRage in progress…



“You are mine…”

You are mineWell, now I have the Intuos5 (at last), I have decided to give it an ArtRage 4 trial and learn some colouring/shading with both software and hardware…

So here is “You are mine…”, a space marine on a desolate fiery world, meets his adversary. Enjoy

Wacom Bamboo Pen and Wacom Intous5 M Touch

I finally succumbed and decided to move aside my Wacom Bamboo Pen, for the Intuos5 M Touch… Really nice tablet, but then it should be for the extra money it costs (Bamboo £40GBP vs Intuous5 £260GBP). If you are serious about digital art then its worth the investment, but the Bamboo still puts you in the frame for doing some seriously good stuff on a budget.

If you want to start playing about with digital art, then get a Bamboo until you know if you can use it to make the investment in Intuos worth it.

Next post will be my first play with the Intuos5, ArtRage 4 and colour/shading.

Inn of the Last Hope

This was possibly the most atmospheric RPG session I had (years and years ago), where I GM’d Gary Gygax’s Dangerous Journeys RPG.  I had my party head-hunted by the priest of a large town to deliver a small package to a friend of his in an outlying border, where his friend ran an Inn.

They arrived at nightfall, and the Inn was silent and dark.  I ran it like a macabre horror.

The package was a holy symbol, the innkeeper had requested it because he thought his Inn had become possessed… in reality a demon lived in the bottom of the well, and came out at night… it was classic.

Inn of the Last Hope

Greater and Lesser Fyr – Fantasy/Mythical Creature


Both creatures are swamp-dwelling, monstrosities that survive by eating any flesh they can get hold of.  Once ‘gripped by Fyr’, there is often no chance of escape, and suffocating, constricting doom ensues.  It is unsure on whether the Greater Fyr are capable of casting magicks, but there elusivity, cunning and calculated attacks on folk who stumble into their fetid domains suggests this myth may well be true…

Greater Fyr (15ft when rearing, 50ft long)

Greater Fyr v1.0

Lesser Fyr (6ft when rearing, 20ft long)

Lesser Fyr v1.0

Enjoy, MG.