Modelling a Jet Thrust/Smoke Effect for a Model Base

Hi all,

Long time, no post!!  Hope you are all well 😉

Life has been busy, busy, busy, but I have been working on my models… I have also got round to documenting my tutorial/technique for making a JetThrust/Smoke Effect for a Model Base for the StormRaven model (as well as the StormTalon)


Anyhow, here the tutorial;

Modelling a Smoke Exhaust Effect A




The Turning

The Turning v1.0
A lonely Ultramarine turns away from the Emperor… in a handy 1920 x 1080 desktop kinda way 😉

“You are mine…”

You are mineWell, now I have the Intuos5 (at last), I have decided to give it an ArtRage 4 trial and learn some colouring/shading with both software and hardware…

So here is “You are mine…”, a space marine on a desolate fiery world, meets his adversary. Enjoy

Terminator – WH40k

I used this Terminator to experiment with two-brush blending, and OSL effects.  Not to mention copious green stuff and old plasterboard for the diorama.  In fact, the last incarnation has a tentacle coming through the door dripping with slime… I must find that and update blog.

2012-12-28 20.51.27 2012-12-28 20.49.58 2012-12-28 20.49.37 2012-12-28 20.51.55