It’s big (mega), it’s humanoid (homo), it’s part hippopotamus (hippo), it’s got four tentacles (quadra), sort of like an octopus (pus)…

Megahomohippoquadrapus v1.0


Kallis, Havenland: Walled Town

Monkey God stayed here once, just prior to ‘The Cleansing of Kallis Keep’… when he left the following morning, all the horses and cattle had gone from the surrounding lands – maybe he was hungry that night…


Kallis, Havenland

For those of you that like the original Sketchup files, here it is courtesy of ‘he who swings from trees’;

Castle Walls – updated

Monkey God has been busy…

The castle wall file has been updated to include some extra goodies;

  • high wall elements
  • 90, 60, 45 and 30 degree internal and external wall corners
  • sample walled enclosures
  • staircases

Castle Walls – Issue 2

I’ve updated the link in the previous post to the new file but just in case your mouse wheel is broken,

Enjoy!  Monkey God.

4E Dungeons & Dragons – Winterhaven

For anyone that is a keen D&D player, you may well be familiar with the module H1 Keep on the Shadowfell, and the town of Winterhaven.  I decided it needed a touch ‘ThrooDoo’ (VooDoo for 3D).

I built it up based on the text write up in the module so its pretty much as it should be.  I posted it on the Wizards website a few years back, and even Chris Perkins (the Creative Director thought it was cool);


Download the SketchUp model here; http://www.glynnseal.pwp.blueyonder/blog/Winterhaven%20v1.0.skp