It’s big (mega), it’s humanoid (homo), it’s part hippopotamus (hippo), it’s got four tentacles (quadra), sort of like an octopus (pus)…

Megahomohippoquadrapus v1.0


Free Collection of Sketchup Buildings for Fantasy Mapping

The Monkey God’s mood is good today, and he has instructed me to make available all the bits of buildings and things I have created for SketchUp over the last few years so that others may use them to create their own fantasy maps in 3D…


Some of the buildings appear in my Winterhaven and Loudwater maps, as well as a number of others.  The beauty of this ‘collection’ is that each is made into a ‘component’ so that they can easily be moved as a whole and rotated simply by using the move tool.

I also made the wall section such that it would join with other wall sections, and also a pair of left and right hand internal and external corners.

Download the collection here (.zip’ped .skp file)… (3.9MB)

Hope you find this useful… 😉

*spot the free space ship lol*