Wyrld Map

Years ago, I did a  big map for a world O wanted to develop for my own roleplaying game.  My motivation floundered and it got relegated to the pile of ‘stuff I might look at again one day’.  I really like the map (which was black and white and hand drawn), so I’ve decided to start working on it again digitally (the map that is, not the rpg) 😉

Here’s current progress;

Wyrld Revamp

The various ‘continents’ were race-specific;

Havenland – Human

Myrklund – Orcs and Goblins

Narrasil – Elves

Nor-Kharad – Dwarves

Tessel – Halflings

Neath – Tainted Humans

Hsst-Agor – Snakes/Lizards

Avenholme – Avians



Inn of the Last Hope

This was possibly the most atmospheric RPG session I had (years and years ago), where I GM’d Gary Gygax’s Dangerous Journeys RPG.  I had my party head-hunted by the priest of a large town to deliver a small package to a friend of his in an outlying border, where his friend ran an Inn.

They arrived at nightfall, and the Inn was silent and dark.  I ran it like a macabre horror.

The package was a holy symbol, the innkeeper had requested it because he thought his Inn had become possessed… in reality a demon lived in the bottom of the well, and came out at night… it was classic.

Inn of the Last Hope

Kallis, Havenland: Walled Town

Monkey God stayed here once, just prior to ‘The Cleansing of Kallis Keep’… when he left the following morning, all the horses and cattle had gone from the surrounding lands – maybe he was hungry that night…


Kallis, Havenland

For those of you that like the original Sketchup files, here it is courtesy of ‘he who swings from trees’; http://www.glynnseal.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/blog/Kallis_Havenland_Iss1.zip

Sketchup Castle Wall Sections

Monkey God has been busy, but has instructed me to release a set of Sketchup ‘castle wall style’ modular sections, so you can build your own fantasy villages/castles, etc.

Castle Walls


Get ’em while they are hot; http://www.glynnseal.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/blog/Castle_Walls_r2.zip

Monkey God says; “muu huuu haaa haaaa”

Free Collection of Sketchup Buildings for Fantasy Mapping

The Monkey God’s mood is good today, and he has instructed me to make available all the bits of buildings and things I have created for SketchUp over the last few years so that others may use them to create their own fantasy maps in 3D…


Some of the buildings appear in my Winterhaven and Loudwater maps, as well as a number of others.  The beauty of this ‘collection’ is that each is made into a ‘component’ so that they can easily be moved as a whole and rotated simply by using the move tool.

I also made the wall section such that it would join with other wall sections, and also a pair of left and right hand internal and external corners.

Download the collection here (.zip’ped .skp file)… http://www.glynnseal.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/blog/Building_Collection_r1.zip (3.9MB)

Hope you find this useful… 😉

*spot the free space ship lol*

4E Dungeons & Dragons – Winterhaven

For anyone that is a keen D&D player, you may well be familiar with the module H1 Keep on the Shadowfell, and the town of Winterhaven.  I decided it needed a touch ‘ThrooDoo’ (VooDoo for 3D).

I built it up based on the text write up in the module so its pretty much as it should be.  I posted it on the Wizards website a few years back, and even Chris Perkins (the Wizards.com Creative Director thought it was cool);


Download the SketchUp model here; http://www.glynnseal.pwp.blueyonder/blog/Winterhaven%20v1.0.skp