Modelling a Jet Thrust/Smoke Effect for a Model Base

Hi all,

Long time, no post!!  Hope you are all well 😉

Life has been busy, busy, busy, but I have been working on my models… I have also got round to documenting my tutorial/technique for making a JetThrust/Smoke Effect for a Model Base for the StormRaven model (as well as the StormTalon)


Anyhow, here the tutorial;

Modelling a Smoke Exhaust Effect A




‘Large Delivery’ complete

Finished… 😉

Heavy Carrier Transport v1.1

Kallis, Havenland: Walled Town

Monkey God stayed here once, just prior to ‘The Cleansing of Kallis Keep’… when he left the following morning, all the horses and cattle had gone from the surrounding lands – maybe he was hungry that night…


Kallis, Havenland

For those of you that like the original Sketchup files, here it is courtesy of ‘he who swings from trees’;

Castle Walls – updated

Monkey God has been busy…

The castle wall file has been updated to include some extra goodies;

  • high wall elements
  • 90, 60, 45 and 30 degree internal and external wall corners
  • sample walled enclosures
  • staircases

Castle Walls – Issue 2

I’ve updated the link in the previous post to the new file but just in case your mouse wheel is broken,

Enjoy!  Monkey God.

Leonardo DaVinci and Perspective – was he ‘out’?

From previous posts, you may see that I like the sketches of Leonardo DaVinci, and one sketch typifies his attention to figuring out how the world around him can be broken down into rules, such as those of perspective and vanishing points.

Here’s the picture in question;


Now, I had always assumed that the two sets of stairs were the same width and the three arches in between were the same width openings.

I decided to check Leonardo, by using Trimble Sketchup and its matched photo feature, and redraw the stairwells and arches.

Here’s my model from the same viewpoint;

sketchup_model_davinci_perspective_as drawn

Now, as you rotate the model…

sketchup_model_davinci_perspective_rotate 1

…You find that my assumption is incorrect;

sketchup_model_davinci_perspective_rotate 2

Did Leonardo get his perspective wrong?  It would seem an unusual way to build/design a structure.  Does anyone know if this was just a practice sketch or did the building already exist?

Here’s the 3D SketchUp file so you can see for yourself (just under 7+MB);

You will of course need SketchUp (free) from here – This is for the non-Pro free version;

But you can also just download a viewer from here;

Leonardo DaVinci… would he have been pleased?

For his time, Leonardo DaVinci created some fantastic sketches, and that kind of got me thinking… I like Trimble (formerly Google) SketchUp and its perfect for designing 3D stuff… but can I make a style to rival Leonardo DaVinci’s drawing technique?  Okay, so its not exact, but it looks alright.


I attach it here for sharing – there are two versions (wireframe and filled);

Let me know what you think?