Two Scoops

Oh well, my monster never made it into Two Scoops despite being shortlisted.

Great idea, and really enjoyed being part of the idea, but it just didn’t work out.  I am not 100% convinced about the CGI for the monster, as it seemed a bit lame, especially compared to the weapon CGI, which I thought looked really good.  Oh well, it is not my place to reason why these things are what they are, but it would have sure been great if the ‘Greater Fyr’ would have made those clips 😉


Gratz to tall the winners and runners up, on a great competition.

Greater Fyr v1.0





Egg Weirdness – you must be yolking!

I’ve just had my breakfast… I know, I know its 10:30am. Well, it is Saturday you know.

I had a longing for eggs on toast so I got the eggs out of the fridge, and thought one of the eggs looked a bit odd as it was quite a bit bigger than the rest of the eggs.   I took a photo to show my girlfriend later, as the first thing that sprung to mind was, “I bet that hurt!”.

Eggs (1)Eggs (2)

Anyway, I decided to actually cook it, and when I cracked it open… it had two yolks.  I was quite eggcited, almost eggstatic.  (Ed; Sorry folks, had to).

Eggs (3)Eggs (4)

In my 40 years I have never, ever seen a two yolk egg, and for the record it was delicious! 😉

*Note* In the picture of the frying pan, notice the olive oil under the egg spitting (lower left)!  Good timing/capture.